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SharePoint Branding

Discussion Points

Here is an outline of the points we'll be discussing during the webinar.

1. Why SharePoint Branding Is Important - Discover the 7 reasons why the look and feel of your Intranet or extranet portal is critical.

2. See Why Others Succeed - See how others have successfully branded their SharePoint and Office 365 sites and follow their path to success.

3. The Advantage of a Productized Solution - Don't spend hours of sweat trying to code in-house. Coding within SharePoint and Office 365 is extremely time consuming and costly. Take advantage of a productized solution and keep your sanity.  

Digital Business webinar

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Free Webinar: Flexing Your Intranet's Muscles

You can have a great looking, functioning Intranet in less than 8 hours.

Don't sweat it out and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants and developers. There is a much easier way.

In this webinar you will see 3 of the best Intranets out there. We'll focus on the "look and feel" of each site, highlighting exactly how you can achieve these results.

The effects of a poorly branded Intranet include:

  • Low Adoption Rates
  • Sub-optimal Collaboration
  • Decreased Productivity

We'll show you how we can easily avoid these issues during the webinar.


Webinar Contributors

The webinar is hosted by Emgage Inc, the team behind the powerful Intranet platform Prime

Geoff Talbot is Director of Marketing and Communication at Emgage Inc. An effective communicator who has even moonlighted as a comedian, Geoff is passionate about the power of Microsoft Technology, and the ability that it gives us to  connect, collaborate and create significant work together.

Harout Katerjian is the head of Product Development at Emgage Inc.  With a strong business focus and a solid work history in cutting edge industries including aerospace, Harout is able to take complex work problems and create workable software solutions.