Good Intranets Fail
Good Intranets Fail

About Emgage

The webinar is hosted by Emgage Inc, the team behind the powerful Intranet platform Emgage Prime

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Why Good Intranets Fail

Join us for this free online symposium on October 31st, where we'll discuss why good Intranets often fail spectacularly. 

" Despite the very best intentions, great software purchases and leadership buy in, Intranets still fail at an alarming rate, because what truly matters to your end user has not been fully addressed." 

You'll leave this 45-minute session clearly understanding what your organization needs to accomplish to succeed with your Intranet. 

Highlights of the webinar include: 

  • The importance of discovering and having the right information architecture for your organization

  • Learn specific tricks and techniques for getting into the minds of your End User

  • Discover how to easily avoid a once-size fits all Intranet mentality and see how you can create an Intranet portal that is personal for every user.


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